Terms & Conditions 

Terms & Conditions 



By using our website, www.localpickup.is you agree to our terms and conditions. You agree to be legally bound by our terms as soon as you start using the website. If you do not agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions, please discontinue using our website right away. 

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any given time. Please be sure to review the terms and conditions regularly so you are aware of any changes made by Pick me up. 

You agree that you are not allowed to copy, download, post, republish or otherwise use our content, including images, text, prices, etc. in any other way than personal use. Any commercial use of our content requires our written permission prior to use. 

Online booking 

Once you have completed the order, a booking confirmation page will open, where you can find your booking number, name, date and time of departure. You will also get a confirmation email with this information. 

By booking through www.localpickup.is, you agree to use Borgun ehf to pay for your booking. 

Prices and departures 

All of our prices are shown in the Icelandic Krona (ISK) as shown on our website. 

Unless stated otherwise our prices include VAT, taxes, service and parking fees. We reserve the right to change our prices at any given time. 

When you confirm the booking on our website a full payment is charged to your credit card. After a full payment has been made the departure is guaranteed and the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless there is a price increase due to government laws. 

Prices on our website do not include tips to our drivers or local guides, travel insurance, luggage insurance, visa fees and facility fees at our sightseeing stops. 


Meals and refreshments are not included unless stated otherwise. During our tours we always make a pitstop where it is possible to buy lunch and use a restroom. Entrance fees to museums on the way are also not included unless stated otherwise.  

Weather and conditions 

Most of our tours outside of Reykjavík are weather and condition depended. We at Local Pickup.is reserve the right to change the routes, itineraries and departure times depending on road closures and conditions without prior notice with your safety in mind. We reserve the right to cancel the tours due to natural conditions, force majeure or due to safety reasons, with a very short notice. In such extreme cases a full refund will be provided. 

If our customers don’t show up at the pickup location, even though the weather is very bad, and we are able to do the tour. We consider those situations as a no show and we do not provide a refund. 

Local Pickup cannot be held liable to damage, accidents, loss, injuries, sickness or death during your tour.  

Changing a booking 

Please contact us through our office email info@localpickup.is if you want to change your booking. We do not charge a changing fee for changing the booking, unless your new tour is more expensive than the previous one, then you will have to pay the difference. The amount will be invoiced to you by email and as soon as payment has been received, the change will not take effect until a payment has been received. As soon as we receive the payment the tour will be confirmed. 

Cancellation policy and refund 

All of our refunds are processed in the Icelandic Krona (ISK). Local Pickup cannot be held liable to any losses due to currency fluctuations during these transactions. Furthermore, can we not be held accountable to any third-party transaction fees, such as fees imposed by your bank, any international fees or credit card fees that may occur at the time of refund or payment. 

All cancellations must be in writing and go through our office email, info@localpickup.is, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by telephone +354 888 2211 or +354-897 6548. Please provide us with the booking number and name when cancelling your tour, this will make it easier for us to help you. 

Local Pickup receives the rights to keep 10% of the total booking amount after a booking has been made. This will cover the transaction fees for the booking. Otherwise, cancellation fees are based upon date and time of the booking. Please find the cancellation deadline as follows: 


Guidance is in English by standard. In custom tours we can arrange guides in more languages, such as Japanese, Mandarin for example. Please feel free to send us an email to info@localpickup.is to request a language of the guide. We will do our best to provide the service needed. 

Insurance, Visas and Passports 

We highly recommend that all of our passengers have valid travel insurance when travelling the world, to minimize unforeseeable losses during your travel. Local Pickup does not offer travel insurance. 

Please contact your nearest consulate of Iceland to check your entry requirements (Visa). 

Please note that Local Pickup does not refund a tour should your visa not be sufficient upon arrival to Iceland. 

Passengers with special needs 

Please notify us as soon as possible if a passenger has special needs or requests. We always try our best to help our customers with their requests. 

Local Pickup cannot guarantee wheelchair accessibility at each location although many of our sightseeing spots are wheelchair accessible. Please send us an email to info@localpickup.is 

Special offers and promotional codes 

Please note that you have to apply special offers such as promotional codes prior to completing the order. These codes cannot be applied to a booking after it has been paid. Promotional codes must be entered into the relevant field in the payment process, prior to completing the order. Local Pickup cannot refund an order so it can be booked again, because the promotional codes were forgot. 

Privacy policy and cookies 

We at Local Pickup take your privacy very seriously. We operate under the European Union new laws on privacy, general data protection regulation (GDPR) By using our services you are giving your consent to Local Pickup to storing your personal information as explained in our terms and conditions. 

You have the right to be forgotten, please contact our office by email at info@localpickup.is if you want to exercise your right to be forgotten. For more information, please read about your rights from the European Union about GDPR. 

This website uses cookies. Our cookies will be used to better your experience on our website. Our cookies gather data such as your journey on our website, clicks and bounce rate, where the user comes from so we can better adjust our website. These user preferences might be kept and shared with google Analytics. This information can in no way be connected to the individual user. We strive to keep all our information safe. Users can disable cookies in their browser, please look up cookies in your browser help section for information on this. 

Local Pickup reserves the right to keep the following information in our system upon booking a tour with us, the name registered to a booking, nationality provided, email address, phone number, booking locale and payment method. 

Local Pickup reserves the right to offer email, phone number and name to our drivers and guides, this information will be deleted by our staff after the tour is over. 

Local Pickup can under no circumstances store, or have the ability to view credit card numbers, CVC numbers, expiry dates or the name of the cardholder. 


Local Pickup and our staff shall not be liable for accident or death that can be traced to the participant´s negligence in any way, damage, loss, delay, or injury to a person or property during our tours. 

Local Pickup does not accept any responsibility for labour disputes, losses due to changes of flights, machinery breakdown, closed roads, sickness, government restrains, weather conditions, natural occurrences, war/terrorism, defect in vehicle of transportation or any other causes beyond our control. 

We cannot be liable to a client typing error in an email address and phone number, which resolves in a problem by receiving messages or any breach in communication. If our clients do not respond to messages Local Pickup cannot be held liable for any problems due to the lack of communication. 

Local Pickup strives to triple check every detail about our products. We do not warrant that our content will be uninterrupted or error free, we do our best to correct every error or defect as quickly as possible. 

Any complaints are to go through our office email info@localpickup.is, please read our complaint policy. 

Local Pickup operates under Icelandic laws. Any disputes concerning this agreement shall exclusively be dealt with by the district court of Reykjavik. 

Should any of our terms be determined invalid, illegal or otherwise unforeseeable reason of the laws of a state or country where these terms are intended to be effective, then within the jurisdiction where that term is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that term will be deleted from these terms and the remaining terms will remain in full effect and continue to be enforceable and binding. 


Complaint policy 

If you are dissatisfied with a travel service provided by Local Pickup, you should consider taking it up with our staff member directly, if you do not feel comfortable in doing so, please write a statement and send it to our office by email, info@localpickup.is as soon as your tour finishes. 


If we receive a complaint verbally, we might ask you to send us the complaint in writing. Please provide us with the booking number and the name of the complainant. You will also have to write in details what the complaint is about and details of any steps you might have taken to resolve this complaint. 

When you make a complaint, we will record your name, details about your complaint and your contact details. The date and time of your complaint will also be recorded. 


All claims of refund are invalid 16 days after the tour has finished. 


We take any complaint very seriously and will do our absolute best to investigate and improve our service. 



Please contact our office by email, info@localpickup.is if you have any feedback to our tours. We really appreciate all kinds of feedback; we strive to make our service better each time and would love your help to do so. 


Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

This agreement shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Icelandic law. Any disputes arising out or in connection with this agreement shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the district court of Reykjavík.